We want to get to know you, really! Let us in on who you are and what, who and why you love. You might be tying the knot in a barn in the middle of the wilderness, or throwing a party barefoot on the beach; we want to know all about it. It makes us smile when strangers end up friends after a wedding. Let's great the best day ever together. 



Vicki loves a good breakfast by the beach or out in the countryside, where you will find her, camera in hand, people watching and looking for colourful buildings, flowers and generally just beautiful things. She loves to relax with a good book or some yoga to clear her thoughts. When she gets an idea in her head she can obsess over it for ages, scouring the internet and her endless supply of books for inspiration and ideas. This is evident in her work and she is a great source of inspiration. She helps everyone feel at ease when they are in front of her camera. 


Jacques’ perfect day would be fishing all morning, photographing all afternoon and cooking all night. And, lucky for me, he is excellent at all of those things. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen often enough. Jacques is really good at problem solving and he’s a perfectionist; which definitely shows in his photography. He is the kind of guy who, when I spontaneously decide to jump in and do something, will be the one to make sure it actually works. He is patient, and he’s really good at putting up with me. 

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We met in the driveway of our apartment block, bonding over an old film camera and a quaint Sydney sunset. After being neighbours and near strangers for two years, we fell in love and became partners in business and in life. And so Best Day Ever was born.  Today we live in an old Queenslander in Brisbane with too much camera gear and not enough plants. 


You know those special moments where you just think how great this whole thing is, and you wish you could bottle it up and keep it forever? That's what we do. We document the special moments as they happen. A nervous hug with your mum as she whispers in your ear good luck; a quiet moment in the corner with your best friend, watching your mates be the life of the party; a squeeze of a hand and a look of love as you say I love you. We capture those moments.

We work as a team, shooting with a relaxed, natural style. We aim to slot in, just like another friend or family member there to help, documenting your day as it unfolds, but stepping in to direct the shots when needed. We work together so there is always a photographer there to capture those special moments. 


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